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Why Sell At Auction

Why sell at auction? The auction method is one of the oldest forms of selling and generates a different atmosphere and excitement that other means cannot create. An auction is a highly efficient and swift way to sell any type of real estate, property, estate, collectible, furniture, cars boats, and more!

The terms are straightforward and competitive bidding generates the true market value.

Benefits to the Auction Seller:

  • The sale cycle is compressed and time specific
  • Auction heightens buyer interest and attracts attentions in a crowded market
  • Any knd of real or personal property benefit from a professional, customized advertising campaign
  • Buyers come qualified and prepared to buy
  • There is not requirement to do work on the property; it sells as-is
  • Quick disposal reduces long-term carrying costs such as taxes, insurance & maintenance
  • Protracted and unknown time on the market is not a factor
  • Saturation Marketing* generates maximum exposure for the property
  • The seller knows exactly when the property will sell and can plan accordingly
  • The hassle of ongoing showings is reduced
  • The nuisance of negotiating is eliminated
  • Contingencies (inspections, financing, etc.) are not a contingency
  • Competition produces market value

The decision to sell at auction is followed closely by deciding which company will do the best job of maximizing the value of your property. Let Advantage Auction Team show you how our company should be your top choice!